Looking for an Experienced Holistic Health Speaker?

Deborah Genovesi, Holistic Health speaker, presenting information to help people understand how to become healthy using a natural approach.

As a former TV reporter and PR/Marketing corporate executive, and currently as an Holistic Health Practitioner, Deborah Genovesi has given many engaging presentations on a variety of topics over the last 20 years, as well as appearing on TV, radio, podcasts and online.

Deborah is an engaging, interactive holistic health speaker who focuses on health-related topics such as:

Deborah "In the News"


Getting to The Root Cause of Your Chronic Symptoms

In this webinar, Deborah shares her personal journey and tips for how to kick fibro and other autoimmunity in the butt!

Connect and Elevate

Deborah speaks with Jennifer Jones in this teleseminar where she shares health tips and explains how she helps clients reverse chronic symptoms.


Deborah appears on the Conscious Living podcast with Nika Lawrie and shares insight into why Functional Medicine and the “root cause” approach are so important to improving health and overall quality of life. Deborah also opens up about her personal health journey and provides useful health advice, including tips to conquer sugar cravings.

Deborah’s Holistic health story has been featured on Rachael Ray:

A still from the Rachael Ray show where Deborah Genovesi, renowned Holistic Health speaker was mentioned as an expert.

Audiences had this to say

about Deborah

“Smart, funny and strong sense of professionalism.”

“She did a great job covering all the bases.”  

“Deborah is the consummate communicator in my book. Her warmth and eloquence combined with her strategic know-how make her a trusted consultant and advocate for her clients.”

“I loved her warmth and sense of humor – and how she seamlessly inserted valuable tips on so many topics.” 

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