Holiday Gift Giving Tips

Check out a few holiday gift giving tips to make your life easier and help them feel special!

A cute sparkly rendition of a traditional seasonal greeting - get holiday gift giving tips for this time of year!

Today I want to share some holiday gift giving tips that can help you be the best gift giver this year AND give you a heads up on a few things that might be sensitive for people. These tips will help guide you for your best health (mental and physical) and the good of all your friends and relatives, even if they are super picky!

Gifting to someone is a sweet and generous gesture and most of us will be giving presents of some type to those closest to us this season. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

  • The gift you send should be about THEM, not you. Take some time to reflect on your friend and choose something you are quite sure the receiver will like, be able to use, and will thoroughly enjoy. Pro tip from those of us who are health-conscious: If that person has food restrictions, and/or food sensitivities and allergies steer away from food gifts.

    PRO TIP: I personally think food gifts can be just as problematic as alcohol gifts. Why? Because you may have no idea that your giftee struggles with food or alcohol issues. Or if a gift of food will fit in to that person’s health goals, likes etc. You may think, well it’s the holidays, time to indulge a little. You are free to make that choice for YOURSELF but not for your friends/family. A food or treat that may seem a simple “indulgence” to you may trigger their emotional eating, food sensitivities and a host of chronic symptoms, like joint pain or headaches from sugar overload. When it comes to food and drink gifts, stay on the safe side and come up with something else. Like…….
  • Gift cards! Some folks feel that gift cards show a lack of thought, but I think it’s the opposite. Gift cards leave room for them to choose exactly what they prefer; just be sure you choose a gift card from a store or service that you KNOW they support. For instance, it they boycott a certain store because of its hiring practices, don’t get them a card from that business. Or if you have a favorite local store but the gift recipient lives 50 miles from your area, pass. And again, if your friend or relative has strict food and drink requirements, steer clear of restaurants, or gift companies that focus on food that your friend does not eat. Just package it up in a special card or a cute little holder and you’re all set!
  • Spread the love. If you get a wildly mismatched or unwanted gift, you can choose to graciously thank the gift giver and then re-gift it, either in real life or online. Go to your local Buy Nothing group on Facebook and offer it up to someone else. I guarantee there is someone out there who will be delighted with the gift that wasn’t a good fit for you.
  • Help the less fortunate. Let’s face it, do any of us actually need more “stuff?” Not really. But there are many groups who desperately need support. If you’re getting a gift for someone who is an activist or strong supporter of a non-profit group, consider making a donation to that non-profit in their name. They will likely be honored with your thoughtfulness and your gift will be helping those who actually need it.

In the end, it truly is the thought that matters, and isn’t it lovely to be given a gift of any kind, even if it isn’t something you want? Use these holiday gift giving tips as jumping off points to help you. Just focus on the intent behind the gift and enjoy the best parts of the holiday—the love and kinship between friends and family. And remember that in most relationships, the very best gift you can give is the gift of your time, attention and affection.

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